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Instructors and Students of UF Correspondence Study

Online Services for the Division of Continuing Education - Correspondence Study department was originally created in 2002, updated in June, 2005 and was brought up to it's current iteration in June of 2009. Although the look of some of the website's content may have changed with this current iteration, the vast majority of the functionality remains unchanged. The majority of changes that have been made were in the platform upon which the original site was built. Use this site to check the progress of your enrollments, update your profile, submit or grade lessons, and perform a number of other activties. If you have any suggestions for the functionality or features of this website please contact us via the feedback form.

GatorLink Login Method

Currently the only way for students and instructors to log into this website is by using Gatorlink authentication. All students and instructors enrolled in a Correspondence Study/Flexible Learning course should have been assigned a UFID. A UFID is all that is required to acquire a Gatorlink ID. For more information please visit The Gatorlink Homepage.